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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tech Notebook

I made this super cute little notebook for some technology classes I am taking.  I used a $.40 composition notebook (from back to school sales) and decorated the cover with fun paper and cute out a tag and letters using my cricut.  I use the negative letters from the blue tag to glue down the left side for more deisgn.  I added a bit of brown grosgrain ribbon and glued it all down.  I gave the back cover a quick cover with blue and green paper.
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Monkey Business

The end of October is LO's birthday.  He turned two this year, so we had a Curious George birthday party.  He LOVES CG.  I decided to get creative and make the cake and cupcakes to look "George-ish".  The cupcakes were great (strawberry), but the cake was a bit more of a craftfail...

Here they are, in all their glory...

Monkey Cake
Little Scary...
He was made with chocolate cake, vanilla butter-cream and chocolate butter-cream frosting.  He tasted amazing at least!
Drum roll......

Monkey Cupcakes are super cute!

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The monkey cupcakes were a strawberry cake mix and *gasp* a can of chocolate frosting.  I used vanilla waffers for his face (cut off just the tip) and then used mini vanilla waffers for his ear.  Those were cut in half and used for ears.  I then used gel decorating icing to make his cute facial features.  I really love how these turned out.