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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rose Ombré Cake

Hello to you!

Recently I made a cake... I jumped on the ombré and rose cake bandwagon.  I'm glad I did!  It turned out pretty awesome, especially for a first try.

I made a strawberry cake with varying shades of pink icing.  I just used my red icing gel to make the color.  It took several batches of icing to make this cake.  It was just about an icing overload...
I love my blue mixer in the background! :)

I used a Wilton 1M tip to create the roses

Top of the cake: Got the hang of icing it by the end...

I love the ombré colors

The pretty cake plate is from HomeGoods.  My sister bought it for me for Christmas.  Thanks, sis! :)

Have a crafty day!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Team(s) Spirit Wreath

Ok... so have we all heard about the "house divided" concept?  Two different favorite sports teams within the same family?

Yup- we have that over here too.  But ours is also a house divided, but the same state-kinda teams.

Go University of Louisville, (UofL) Cardinals!

Go University of Kentucky, (UK) Wildcats!

And here is (was) our public display of team affection...

Now that basketball season is over... I should take this down... maybe later? :)


Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Pillows


Recently we bought new couches for our house.  It's been almost 9 years since we bought our first and only couch.  Since we've moved several times, and our old blue had seen better days, we got two couches this time, and replaced our old friend couch. :)

I made some cute new pillows to match our colors.  I made the blue ikat and the yellow "irongate" (my phrase) pillows.  The funky geometric pillow in the back corner came with the couch.  I kinda like it as I'm into geometric prints right now.  ;)

They were supposed to decorative, but with a preschooler in the house- they quickly got re-purposed: pillow fights, fort supports, plastic fish cave (don't ask),  floor movie pillows... you get the idea!

Enjoy the crafty day!
Jenny :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recap Part 2

Hello again!

Here's one more recap from 2013.  I told you I was busy, just not blogging, so sorry!  I've made other things, but not all of them made my recap. :)  It was already a growing list.

Let's roll...

1.  I made a quilt for my son for his 4th birthday.  He has loved all the quilts I've made, and really wanted his own "special mommy quilt".  So, I picked out a few patterns and let him decide what he liked best: arrows it is.  The patterns is called Every Which Way bi Gigi'sThimble.  I doubled the pattern and then added one more row.   (Patterned fabrics are mostly "Cruiser Blvd" by Riley Blake, with a bit of "On the Go" by Riley blake, with a few chevron patterns and other Riley Blake mixes. The solid blue is Kona Navy).

2.  Here is the back of my son's quilt.  Its a twin size quilt (appx. 68" x 92").  I mace up with the pattern design on the back myself.  I draw out my patterns on graph paper and figure out all the dimensions.  (I was inspired by the traffic light idea here).

3.  I tried my hand at my first tiered cake for my son's birthday.  We had a Cars theme party.

4.  I made a tree skirt for my new-this-year "fancy" tree (as my husband calls it).  I found a great tutorial here.  I used satin for my skirt so I made a small hem on the edges instead of serging them.  I love the look and drape of it.  Looked beautiful under my blue and silver tree!

5.  I was inspired by several different looks on this.  I have liked all the felt wreaths floating around on Pinterest.  So, I cut out brown felt circles and glued them to my styrofoam wreath.  I found these great tutorials for the sunflowers and mums.  I also loved the look of the leaves from this blog.

6.  I made apple jelly for the first time this year.  It tastes wonderful!  I also made TONS of great eats with the 80 lbs of apples we picked in October 2013. :)

7.  I made a mini quilt for my husband's Granny for Christmas.  It's 24" square.  I used a pattern called Kentucky chain, since that's where they live.  I found a great tutorial here.  (I did not paper piece, I cut the pieces out and sewed them the second way).

8.  Sorry, somehow I don't have a finished picture of this mini quilt.  But it was a paper pieced quilt: I picked up the pattern at a quilt show last year.  I taught my mom how to paper piece with this little design.

9-12.  I jumped on the mug rug/snack mat train last year and made several of these last year for Christmas gifts.  There are even a few more I made that I didn't snatch pictures of before I gave them away.  #10 I found a tutorial here, and the others I just made up as I went along.


Maybe I'll finally try to keep up better this year, seeing as it is already April...

Jenny :)