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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swoon Again... Again

Ok!  Thanks for coming back...  Here are the last of the nine blocks.  These pictures were taken really late at night after I finished them.  I taped them to my craft room wall and snapped their pictures really quick. :)  I just got too excited to wait to take a nicer pic!


Thanks for looking!
Jenny :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swooning Again

Welcome back!

Here are the second round og blocks I've made with the swoon pattern.  These blocks measure about 24 inches square.  I love them!  I can see myself making these in a single block for pillows or a wall hanging.  Can't get enough!!


Thanks for looking (and thank for ignoring the ugly garage door that needs cleaned and repainted)!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do you Swoon?

Have you seen the beautiful Swoon Block quilt?  I discovered it at the end of 2012.  (I'm a little behind... I've just been teaching myself to quilt over this past year).  Apparently that was all the rage at the beginning of last year.  Well, I"m just getting into it and I still swoon every. single. time. I see it.

So, I'm swooning along!

I'll post the blocks in sets of threes.  I've finished the nine blocks, and am sewing on the sashing.  I think I'll quilt the blocks and then sew them together and add border at the end.  My home machine couldn't handle a queen size quilt, not enough throat space to stuff the quilt in.  I also made it in blues and yellows.  The color of our room.  It's also my all-time favorite color combo.  I think I'll add a grey border (possibly, but definitely blue and yellow border).  I'm planning on adding a grey binding at the end.

Swoon with me please... ?

P.S.  Don't mind the ugly garage door.  It needs to be cleaned and painted.    ;)

Like the washi tape holding up the blocks?

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Cards


Here are two birthday cards I've made recently.  One for my sister, and one for a friend.


For my sister: I'm loving the pinwheels.

For my friend: love the bright colors!  pink and teal, my new favorite color combo :)
Thanks for looking!
Jenny :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monogrammed Cards- Part 2

Hello again!

Here are a few more cards I made for my SIL.  I made 50 total cards for her.  I managed to make a few extra for me at the same time :)  Love it!

I used a circle punch and tied twine to match the red circle.  The first dark is a deep plum color.  I embossed the plum color with the "traffic Jam" sizzix folder and the green circle is embossed with a circles and dots.  I used the cricut cartridge "boys will be boys" to cut out the j with the arrow.

Super simple, but very elegant
This is one I made at the very end from left over scraps.  It was fun a challenge to put together, but I love the design.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Monogrammed Cards


Just before Easter, my SIL asked me to make some cards for her.  I thought I would show you the designs.  I absolutely love them.  A few of the designs I'd seen around on Pinterest and adapted them to work for me.  Some of them are my creations.  (Thankfully my SIL and I have the same initial, so I made some extras for me while I was at it!) :)


I love the colors on this one I made

Found the idea on Pinterest, and since I'm also into quilting, this was perfect!  Loving the chevrons right now

My own creation.  Used my Cricut to cut out the letter.  Then used a scroll punch on the blue tag.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Squares

Throw size appx. 38" x 54"

I thought I'd share with you a cute little quilt I made and finished the other day.  I took me just a few days to get all the pieces cut and sewn together.  It took me a bit longer to quilt it because I outlined all the large squares inside and outside of the seam.  I did the echo quilting and tied off each square.

Around the little "dancing" squares I just followed around the outside and stitched in the ditch.  On the border I straight line stitched four lines on each side and they intersected in the corners.

My little one had claimed this quilt as his.  I'm thinking he needs a quilt for his bed now.  Hmm...

I used (an older) but absolute favorite line of fabric- "Spa" by Deb Strain for Moda.  Love it!!!  My favorite color combination is blue and yellow (add white and grey and you have a winner).  This fits the bill perfectly.
Over the front railing on the porch 

I used a pattern I bought at my LQS.  The pattern is called "Square Dance" by Gigi's Thimble.  I love how easily this went together.  This should have been my beginner quilt.  Oh well, I shoot for the stars instead of the moon. ;)

Over the bench I refinished (with my little one's baseball glove and my hubby's cleaning brush). Just think of the extras as added character. :)
Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Quilting Pics

so pretty

Getting ready to quilt hearts
I quilted hearts in free motion quilting.

another pretty shot of quilting

In the final stages before squaring it up and adding binding.  But first we had to test it out with a "picnic" for snack time.
Forget fancy binding clips, my clothes pins work great.

Jenny :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

BOM complete!!

I have finally finished my Craftsy BOM quilt.  Actually, I finished it about a month ago, but have enjoyed snuggling with it and using it during our cold weather.  I just have been lazy slow in getting it posted!

So, here it is.  It's not quite a twin size quilt.  It's about the width of a twin, but not quite the length.  Still more than perfect to snuggle under. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Craftsy BOM Blocks


So, I have an awesome quilt in progress to show you!  This past year I've been teaching myself to quilt, with the help of great bloggers, tutorials and an amazing crafting website called Craftsy.  You can sign up for classes (some free, some paid) taught by experts in their fields.

I signed up for an amazing FREE class, Craftsy Block of the Month, taught by Amy Gibson.  She has a wonderful easy, laid-back, anything goes attitude towards quilting.  I love that!  She made it so much fun and enjoyable.  If I made a mistake, her tutorials reassured me how to fix it or how to leave it and make it work.  My kind of girl!  Each month January through October there were two new blocks.  Each month had directions to download as well as HD video tutorials showing the entire step-by-step process.  There were great close-up views so I could "get up close"and watch the action.  :)

I thought I had posted along the way some of the blocks I made, but going through my posts, I guess that never made it up. :/  Oops.

So here we go, a recap of the blocks I made.  That I may, or may not, have just finished last night...

January & February blocks: Asterisk, wonky pound sign, Balkan puzzle and a chevron block

I really enjoyed getting started on these blocks.  I wanted to do a black and white theme, with just a hint of color.  I chose hot pink and teal for the pops of color.

March and April blocks: string block, spider string block, Fun Hexes (English Paper Piecing)
These were some of my favorite blocks to make.  I used the string blocks and hexes for one of the doll quilts for my nieces. 

May and June blocks: Log Cabin, wonky log cabin, Greek cross and octagon

July and August blocks: Dresden Plate, Modern Dresden Wheel, Ohio Star and Double Star
I enjoyed the traditional Dresden plate block.  The modern wheel block tested my patience helped hone my skills of sewing an accurate 1/4" line.

September and October blocks: (Drunkard's Path Variations) Chain Block and Cleopatra's Puzzle and then October was Foundational Paper Piecing- Friendship Circle and Circle of Geese.
  I was really hesitant to make the rounded blocks for September.  I almost skipped them, but I'm glad I made myself try it.  While they aren't' my favorite to sew, and they take some time; it wasn't as bad as I imagined.  I was really proud of myself because I lined them up really well, and all my pieces matched perfectly!

The paper piecing took some a bit of getting used it, and a LOT of time and more scraps, but I'm glad I tried these too.  I got the hang of it after one or two sections and  got much faster.  Happy to report that out of both paper-piecing blocks, I only sewed one colored scrap backwards and caught it right after I did it.  Easy fix!

Now I'm working on the sashing.  I've gotten all the rows sewn together, now I had to add the sashing in between blocks and add the borders.  It's looking like a quilt instead of just blocks!  Yeah!!

Thanks for stopping by.  :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

American Flag Rag Quilt

Hello again!

I made this awesome quilt for my sister for Christmas.  I am lovin' this thing!

I really had tons of fun sewing this together and getting it figured out.  I went looking for US Falg dimensions, but the official design only give ratios.  So I had to figure out the flag dimensions based on how big I wanted it to be.

I is about a 4ft by 6 ft flag design.  I used corduroy for the front flag design.  The middle is a flannel later and the back is a cotton patriotic stars design.

The front I appliqued the stars on the front.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the star shape and then cut it from corduroy and appliqued it on the front.  I also used the same star template and did a blue outline on the opposite stars.

I love it, and my sister and her hubby seemed to really enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Doll Quilt 2

Welcome back!

Today I'm sharing the second American Girl Doll quilt that I made. This one is for my younger niece.  She has an American Girl Doll to look like her.  Check them out here.

This quilt I made in a more modern style.  I used the same pastel fabrics from the first doll quilt here.

I added two few modern fabrics to the back.

Let me start on the front...

I picked "modern" quilt patterns for the front and back to match with my niece's modern doll.  But I thought it would be fun to still use the pastel designs from the Great Depression quilt just like her sister's.  Two fun designs with matching colors, but still unique to the doll and each sister.

Front of the modern quilt

I love chevrons!!

Back of the quilt- love those pinwheels too!

Close-up of pinwheels.  I did a swirly q design on this quilt.
This was my very first attempt at free motion quilting.  I finished this before the other quilt I posted yesterday.  I have really had fun finishing this "mini" quilts for the girls and their dolls.

Thanks for stopping in! :)