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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cricut Fabric Cover

I also recently made a fabric cover for my cricut.  I had seen some really cute ones online, but just knew that I could figure it out myself and not pay someone else!  So, I started my making a paper template over my cricut and measuring the sides and around the outside.  I then traced my templates onto my fabric, cut and sewed the sides/middle together.  Before I sewed it together I added the pink ribbon so that the ends would be sewn into the seams.

After I was done, I found these great tutorials on making ribbon flowers.  Simple and lots of fun to make.  I made 3 of the ribbon flowers with different sizes and lengths of  ribbon.  I then stitched them together in the middle and sewed them to my cover.  I added two satin buttons I found at Wal-mart for a little extra touch.

Love it!

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