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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sister's Birthday Frame

Since my sister recently got married (see previous posts for all the wonderful decorations) I made a gift using a wedding photo for her birthday just the other week.  I made another flowers and flourishes frame, actually this was my first one and the mother's day frames were the second go at it.

I used a wedding picture I took of their first dance, and then used my editing software to make the colors more sepia-like and "old looking" to fit her primitive country decor.  I used the same flower tutorials as in the previous post and created flowers to match her wedding decor colors, but also trying to stick the the "old country primitive look". :)  Did I get it right?

First Dance Picture Frame

 Top right frame corner with flowers and rosette

Bottom right corner of frame-flourishes from Cricut Essentials

While I was trying new techniques, I also made a new cascade card.  Here is a great video tutorial I found: Cascade card with Frenchie.

Sorry for the poor pictures; I took them with my phone.  I realized I forgot to take a picture of it after I had sealed the card inside the envelope.  After my sister opened it I snatched it borrowed it for a minute and took a picture. :)

Card folded (and awful fuzzy picture)

Card "cascading" and opened.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Just beautiful! And also love your cascading card. Thanks for the link. I've been dying to know how to do that. xxD


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