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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do you Swoon?

Have you seen the beautiful Swoon Block quilt?  I discovered it at the end of 2012.  (I'm a little behind... I've just been teaching myself to quilt over this past year).  Apparently that was all the rage at the beginning of last year.  Well, I"m just getting into it and I still swoon every. single. time. I see it.

So, I'm swooning along!

I'll post the blocks in sets of threes.  I've finished the nine blocks, and am sewing on the sashing.  I think I'll quilt the blocks and then sew them together and add border at the end.  My home machine couldn't handle a queen size quilt, not enough throat space to stuff the quilt in.  I also made it in blues and yellows.  The color of our room.  It's also my all-time favorite color combo.  I think I'll add a grey border (possibly, but definitely blue and yellow border).  I'm planning on adding a grey binding at the end.

Swoon with me please... ?

P.S.  Don't mind the ugly garage door.  It needs to be cleaned and painted.    ;)

Like the washi tape holding up the blocks?

Thanks for looking!

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