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Monday, September 15, 2014

Frozen Cake

Hello friends!

Just a quick post, with some pictures to show you a Frozen cake I made for a friend's daughter early this summer.  I'm just now getting some time to post about it :)  Now that we've had a few cool days, it's a good time for a cool idea.

Here's a few ways I started the cake:

I started making an Olaf snowman... but keep in mind I've never actually sculpted anything in my life out of fondant.  (although I do have some memories of making play clots in elementary art school...) :)  I positioned Olaf on a toothpick so he could be placed down into the cake later.

The beginning's of an Olaf
I knew that I wanted to make the whole cake covered in snowflakes of varying sizes.  I rolled these out of white fondant.  I used a large snowflake cookie cutter and then used a leaf shape and the tips from some icing tips to cut out the small circles.

large fondant snowflakes

I also printed out some snowflake patterns and used a thick royal icing to pipe out the snowflakes designs and swirls.

 Here is the final cake.  I painted some of the fondant snowflakes with an edible silver dust.  The cake was quite tall at nearly a foot high.  My friend wanted the cake to feed at least 60 people easily.  That is did!  We even had some left. :)  Lots of happy kids and parents.

Here is a front view of the cake.  I just placed the dolls on top of the cake and stuck my little Olaf down in front. 

 Here is a little up close and personal look at Olaf.  In hindsight, his carrot nose was a big extra carrot-y.  Oops :)  He was super cute as a first time sculpting adventure!


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