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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Craftsy BOM Blocks


So, I have an awesome quilt in progress to show you!  This past year I've been teaching myself to quilt, with the help of great bloggers, tutorials and an amazing crafting website called Craftsy.  You can sign up for classes (some free, some paid) taught by experts in their fields.

I signed up for an amazing FREE class, Craftsy Block of the Month, taught by Amy Gibson.  She has a wonderful easy, laid-back, anything goes attitude towards quilting.  I love that!  She made it so much fun and enjoyable.  If I made a mistake, her tutorials reassured me how to fix it or how to leave it and make it work.  My kind of girl!  Each month January through October there were two new blocks.  Each month had directions to download as well as HD video tutorials showing the entire step-by-step process.  There were great close-up views so I could "get up close"and watch the action.  :)

I thought I had posted along the way some of the blocks I made, but going through my posts, I guess that never made it up. :/  Oops.

So here we go, a recap of the blocks I made.  That I may, or may not, have just finished last night...

January & February blocks: Asterisk, wonky pound sign, Balkan puzzle and a chevron block

I really enjoyed getting started on these blocks.  I wanted to do a black and white theme, with just a hint of color.  I chose hot pink and teal for the pops of color.

March and April blocks: string block, spider string block, Fun Hexes (English Paper Piecing)
These were some of my favorite blocks to make.  I used the string blocks and hexes for one of the doll quilts for my nieces. 

May and June blocks: Log Cabin, wonky log cabin, Greek cross and octagon

July and August blocks: Dresden Plate, Modern Dresden Wheel, Ohio Star and Double Star
I enjoyed the traditional Dresden plate block.  The modern wheel block tested my patience helped hone my skills of sewing an accurate 1/4" line.

September and October blocks: (Drunkard's Path Variations) Chain Block and Cleopatra's Puzzle and then October was Foundational Paper Piecing- Friendship Circle and Circle of Geese.
  I was really hesitant to make the rounded blocks for September.  I almost skipped them, but I'm glad I made myself try it.  While they aren't' my favorite to sew, and they take some time; it wasn't as bad as I imagined.  I was really proud of myself because I lined them up really well, and all my pieces matched perfectly!

The paper piecing took some a bit of getting used it, and a LOT of time and more scraps, but I'm glad I tried these too.  I got the hang of it after one or two sections and  got much faster.  Happy to report that out of both paper-piecing blocks, I only sewed one colored scrap backwards and caught it right after I did it.  Easy fix!

Now I'm working on the sashing.  I've gotten all the rows sewn together, now I had to add the sashing in between blocks and add the borders.  It's looking like a quilt instead of just blocks!  Yeah!!

Thanks for stopping by.  :)

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