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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Doll Quilt 2

Welcome back!

Today I'm sharing the second American Girl Doll quilt that I made. This one is for my younger niece.  She has an American Girl Doll to look like her.  Check them out here.

This quilt I made in a more modern style.  I used the same pastel fabrics from the first doll quilt here.

I added two few modern fabrics to the back.

Let me start on the front...

I picked "modern" quilt patterns for the front and back to match with my niece's modern doll.  But I thought it would be fun to still use the pastel designs from the Great Depression quilt just like her sister's.  Two fun designs with matching colors, but still unique to the doll and each sister.

Front of the modern quilt

I love chevrons!!

Back of the quilt- love those pinwheels too!

Close-up of pinwheels.  I did a swirly q design on this quilt.
This was my very first attempt at free motion quilting.  I finished this before the other quilt I posted yesterday.  I have really had fun finishing this "mini" quilts for the girls and their dolls.

Thanks for stopping in! :)

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